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What are our goals?

  • Supporting research targeting safe, effective treatments for children with rare brain cancers. 
  • Collaborating globally to promote awareness of research, resources, and treatments related to childhood brain cancers.

Advancing Research: One Child Inspires Global Collaboration

  • 2008: Tali’s Fund supports ATRT research at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Canada, mobilizing the largest global collaborative study of ATRTs involving over 40 countries.

  • 2015: Transformative publication shows that ATRT is not one disease.

  • 2016: Discovery of 3 subtypes of ATRTs, each responsive to different types of drugs.

  • 2018: Our research team hosts a conference for physicians & researchers from 88 centres around the world to discuss development of medicine personalized for individual patients to improve survival of those with ATRT.

  • 2018: Dr. Huang’s research is recognized to be highly significant, and receives funding from the Stand Up to Cancer U.S. based grant program as part of a large international collaboration.

  • 2020: An international consensus document is developed for molecular classification of ATRTs to develop treatments for patient-specific ATRT subtypes.

  • 2020: Dr. Huang’s data on ATRT subtypes is used by the Children’s Oncology Group (the largest paediatric cancer trial consortium) to design a global prospective ATRT clinical trial.

  • 2021: Tumour and patient treatment data are being matched. Research is showing what works and what does not work for children with different types of ATRTs.

Next Steps

If all ATRT children are treated the same way, it is expected that approximately 40% of them will survive, and that radiation can be omitted safely without compromising survival.

Our researchers are now trying to determine whether more precise and less toxic treatment combinations can be matched to specific ATRT subtypes, allowing the remaining 60% of patients to also be successfully treated.

Staying Connected

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2020 International consensus document is developed for molecular classification of ATRTs



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