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What is our goal?

The goal of Tali’s Fund is to help fund vital research at SickKids Hospital, aimed at learning more about paediatric brain tumours (causes, treatments, and cure), as well as to help provide support to families with children battling brain tumours.  We strive to be connected with other similar organizations and funds around the world.

What are we doing with the funds? We support research.

Tali’s Fund supports projects in the area of paediatric brain tumour research through the Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre at the Hospital for Sick Children (SicKKids) in Toronto, Canada. 

Tali’s Fund has helped to support the following recent advances:

  • May 2015: Tali’s Fund helped to support a large collaborative study published in the journal The Lancet Oncology.  For years there was little hope for children diagnosed with rhabdoid brain tumours (ATRT). Young children would undergo surgery, chemotherapy and sometimes radiation, but these treatments had toxic side effects and often failed.  Through this study, led by Dr. Annie Huang at SickKids, researchers discovered how to categorize these tumours, allowing for more targeted treatment of this deadly disease.

  • May 2016: Tali’s Fund helped sponsor the launch of the Rare Brain Tumor Consortium (RBTC), an online registry for rare childhood brain tumours.  This global network links patients, doctors and researchers, allowing for the collection of medical information and biological material.  It also provides a way for families to connect with each other for advice, information, and moral support.

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  • Dec 2016:  The research team led by Dr. Annie Huang made even more significant progress, collaborating with colleagues from close to 40 countries from around the world and publishing a massive study on the cover of the journal Cancer Cell.  This study uncovered promising drugs that can be incorporated into the treatment of rhabdoid brain tumours, and hopefully replace or reduce doses of harsh conventional drugs.


 Read the Study                                                                                                                                                       

 Short article explaining the study by Dr. Annie Huang & PhD candidate Jon Torchia

  • April 2018:  Our research team hosted an ATRT meeting at Lake Louise for 88 representatives from around the world.  They met to discuss next steps for ATRT research and ways to collaborate.  They are currently working together to develop a classification system for ATRT's that can be used in all clinical trials.   



  • Create and implement clinical trials to test treatment protocols, which could lead to a huge paradigm shift in the way childhood brain tumours are treated.  Substantial funds are needed to help make this happen.


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We support families

Tali’s Fund also raises money for families to help ease the financial strains related to caring for their child.

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