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Radiation Sparing Treatment Option for ATRT

If you would like to learn more about the radiation sparing treatment method being used at SickKids, and whether it may be appropriate for your child, SickKids Hospital offers an online International Patient Consult service through which but parents could get information and advice.  

SickKids International Patient Consult link:


You could also contact Dr. Huang through the RBTC website.



  • Although radiation can cure some children, it has lifelong consequences. With even focal or restricted radiation, they may develop other cancers in the future. If the whole brain is radiated at a young age, the intellectual development of the child is significantly compromised. Many children who survive after radiation treatment never complete formal schooling and do not have enough skills to live independent adult lives; the economic and emotional burden of raising a survivor is also enormous.
  • Although radiation is particularly harmful to the young child’s brain, it has been shown that a brain radiated at any age will be less effective.
  • Our research team is learning that for young children with ATRT, radiation can be omitted safely in up to 40% of patients without comprising cure.
  • Imagine if researchers can find a way to make that apply to even more patients, and then imagine being able to extrapolate that knowledge to spare radiation in older children and adults!