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A brighter future for kids with brain cancers.

A Note from Mom: Remembering Tali Today and Everyday


Today, on August 26th, we are lovingly remembering our beautiful Tali, whom we lost on this day in 2007 at just four years old. Tali’s diagnosis with ATRT absolutely devastated our family, as did watching her go through surgery after surgery, chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, and all the painful and physically and emotionally draining side effects this strong little girl endured throughout her treatment. But her glistening personality, determination, and perseverance inspired us all.

Despite the awful and frightening circumstances, we cherished every minute we had with our little girl, and we shared many moments filled with joy and laughter. Tali was a thoughtful young child who showed clear signs of being a strategic thinker. Her love of puzzles demonstrated how she took her time to plan and complete her tasks in a thought-out manner. Her competitive side came out when, only days after coming home from the hospital, she rode her tricycle and raced with her twin brother Noam, enthusiastically proclaiming “You can’t catch me!” Tali’s bond with Noam, and with her older brother, Amir, was a heartwarming sight to see. During hospital stays, as her reading and writing developed, she would often send notes home to them, carefully writing their names and adding stickers and colourful drawings.

Our family shares a love of lighthearted silliness, and Tali’s sense of humour always shone through, causing a domino effect when she was around other people. Her infectious smile and her giggles made those around her laugh with her. Tali loved all the activities that young children should have the opportunity to enjoy, such as being outside in nature, playing sports, swimming, playing on swing sets, partaking in arts and crafts, singing, and playing games. Tali’s remarkable ability to tolerate all the unimaginable difficulties surrounding her diagnosis including time away from loved ones, extended hospital stays, and painful treatments, never failed to astound and inspire everyone around her. Our beautiful Tali found ways to cope with the pain and discomfort of her diagnosis through her unshakable spirit.

Tali’s legacy is fueled by those who are doing ground-breaking work to move us closer to the day when children suffering from rare brain cancers can receive safe and effective treatment that will not only improve their chances of survival, but also maximize their quality of life as they grow from childhood to adulthood. In the years since Tali’s Fund was founded, our research partners have made great strides in the efforts towards advancing the state of treatment for children with ATRTs. While our work was inspired by devastating circumstances, it is our mission to help ensure that fewer families will have to live through such trauma. Tali was and forever will be an inspiration to our entire family, and we cling to our precious and irreplaceable memories with our little girl.

To learn more about the research supported by Tali’s Fund, please visit our website.

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” – Mommy