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Fun Things to Do with Kids Stuck in the Hospital or at Home


Hours can feel like years for your kid when they’re cooped up in a tiny hospital room or stuck at home while undergoing treatment.

There are plenty of ways to pass the time and keep your little one entertained and happy even when they must stay in a confined space.  How can you help make those hours and days as enjoyable as possible?

Read on to learn some tips and tricks for keeping your child busy.

Virtual Classes

Now, more than ever, there are many virtual classes available for your child to attend (including free classes), such as art classes, painting, drama, music, technology and more!

Virtual Field Trip or Vacation

There are many websites that provide virtual tours or travel experiences to various places.  This can be exciting and educational!

Game Day or Game Night

Some great ideas are scavenger hunts or escape rooms.  You can find online versions of these, access printable games, or create your own.


Take turns telling a fictional story. This is a great way for them to explore their creative side. It’s also an excellent way for them to express some of the emotions they might be feeling in the form of fictional characters.

Listening to Music

Listen to some of your child’s favourite music when you want to help them relax! Listening and singing along can help improve your child’s mood.

Arts and Crafts

Grab some fun art supplies – poster boards, markers, crayons (you name it!) and set up an area for you and your child to create together.

Verbal Games

Kids love interactive play – what better way to engage with your child than with a verbal game? Some tried and true favourites include ‘I Spy’, ‘Simon Says’, ‘Would You Rather’, and ‘Guess the Animal’. You can even make up your own variations! For example, go back and forth both thinking of fruits that start with the letter “a” until one person runs out of ideas.

Movie Marathon

Bring the movie theatre to you. It’s a relaxed way to spend an afternoon or evening, and it will help keep your child occupied. All it takes is a tablet or computer and your child’s favourite snacks! Snuggle up together with a blanket and let the movie marathon begin!



Virtual Classes: 

  • Activity Hero (free) 


  • Sawyer (free) 


  • GoNoodle (free) 


  • Create&Learn (free) 


  • Skillshare 


  • Child’s Life



Virtual Field Trips or Vacations: 


Game Day or Game Night: