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A brighter future for kids with brain cancers.

Help Children with Cancer and Their Loved Ones Understand and Cope




 Upopolis is a FREE, fun, and secure online community that connects kids aged 10 to 18 who are going through medical experiences or life challenges in North America. Upopolis reduces social isolation while educating and empowering youth within their challenge. Upopolis also includes an “island” section. This is a place where youth can connect. It has private groups for youth who are navigating grief, siblings of youth who are living with a medical condition and soon youth of parents living with a critical or chronic illness. Youth will have access to peer support, resources, activities shared by their child life team and more.





SuperKids is a FREE program that strives to educate youth and to spread awareness, empathy, kindness and understanding. SuperKids is designed to help teachers and parents educate kids and teenagers about brain tumours and how the brain works. There are lesson plans created and that are downloadable that go from kindergarten to grade 12. They also have a BrainWave program. This program allows children and families living and dealing with brain tumours to connect with other families going through the same thing. They have many programs and ways to donate on their website.


Tiny Superheroes:



The Tiny Superheroes Program is an organization that creates and delivers capes for extraordinary kids. The mission the creator, Robyn Rosenburger, has created is to give Tiny Superhero capes to as much children as possible around the world. On their website, you are able to make a nomination. This means that you are able to nominate a person of your choice to possibly receive a cape. Even Sidekicks (siblings and close supporters) can be nominated by filling out a form online.

Informational video:


Nomination form link:


Hair Fairy Fighters Club:



The Hair Fairy Fighters Club helps kids with cancer gain confidence and hope as they start to lose their hair. Hearing the news that they will start losing their hair can be very difficult for a child to hear. The Hair Fairy is like the tooth fairy but for hair! She keeps the hair safe until after the treatment when it starts growing back. This will then help them to gain more confidence and hope.  When you sign up for the Hair Fairy Fighters Club you receive a kit that includes the following:

  • A book – Either The Beautiful Bald Princessor The Brave Bald Knight  (each takes a fairy tale approach at losing your hair)
  • Bald Princess or Bald Knight companion activity book
  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Barkie head cover
  • The Hair Fairy will also include a few other surprise items to help ease the anxiety.


Club NEGU:




Club NEGU provides encouragement and support for families impacted by childhood cancer.  Once you sign up for ClubNEGU, your Courageous Kid and family will receive 12-18 monthly boosts of encouragement.


This organization was inspired by 12 year-old Jessie Rees, who fought cancer (DIPG) for almost a year, and unfortunately passed away 2012 .  She coined the term “NEGU”, which stands for “Never Ever Give Up”. Jessie really wanted to find ways to help out, so she created JoyJars! JoyJars are plastic jars that are filled with toys and games suited for the receiver. Fill out a form online to be considered for a JoyJar!


Imaginary Friends Society:




The Imaginary Friend Society is a cast of characters inspired and created by kids imagination. They have created 20 animated short films where these characters explain many of complicated cancer topics in a simpler way. Throughout treatment, children are bombarded with scary terminology and procedures that they aren’t used to. This is why learning about their treatment can be beneficial to them being less nervous. “To help bolster the spirits of kids with cancer, we’re taking the imaginary friends that you donate and turning them into dolls, motivational posters, colouring books and journals. That way, they’ll always have a friend at hand when they need one.”


Resources you will find on the homepage:

  • Free videos
  • Free downloadable colouring book
  • View imaginary friends gallery
  • Where to donate your imaginary friend


Kidscope – Kemo Shark:




Kidscope is a company that has created a comic book with the main character and hero of Kemo Shark. The purpose of this comic is to help children to understand the occurring changes through chemotherapy. This book showcases Kemo Shark going around eating all the bad cancer cells and bumping into the good ones, causing them to feel sick. This comic book is sixteen pages and is available to order or digitally.


Child Life on Call:




Child Life Specialists are healthcare professionals who help children through the process of an intense event such as cancer or hospitalization. Many hospitals have child life specialists frequently available. They can be a huge support for the child and family.  They can help to keep kids busy and entertained, and can also provide resources to help parents, caregivers, and children to cope with illness, diagnosis, or medical procedures.  Child Life on Call is an organization that can provide virtual visits with child life specialists.  They have a podcast, a blog, a free library of resources, and a Child Life on Call app.  They also offer a free parent starter kit which is available to download.


Chai Lifeline:





Chai Lifeline’s mission is to bring joy and hope to children, families and communities impacted by serious illness or loss.  They have many services available to help support those facing medical challenges.


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