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A brighter future for kids with brain cancers.

Grief Support

Childhood Cancer Canada – The Benevolent Fund Program


 In a sensitive time of need, apply for the Benevolent Fund Program to seek up to $1500 in supportive funds towards funeral services. Learn more about the CCC here: https://youtu.be/EzpO8YrkVRU?feature=shared.


Forever Family Foundation


Start your journey with the Forever Family Foundation to learn about the continuation of life beyond the physical self through group exercises, spiritual mediumship, and retreat opportunities.


The Puddle Jump

The Puddle Jumper Book

Ellen Schwartz’s The Puddle Jump guides the reader through coping with grief through loss. Sharing her own experiences with the loss of her son Jacob, her perspective provides insight into how healing is possible through resilience and acceptance.


Helping Parents Heal



Helping Parents Heal is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping bereaved parents in their healing process by providing support and resources.  What sets this organization apart is that they facilitate open discussion about spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife.  Over the last few years, they have conducted interviews with hundreds of experts in the areas of grief and the afterlife, which can be viewed on their website or their YouTube channel.


Tiny Superheroes: Angel Program



Tiny Superheroes has created an Angel Program, which honours children who have passed and supports their families.


Chai Lifeline:




Chai Lifeline’s mission is to bring joy and hope to children, families and communities impacted by serious illness or loss.  They provide counselling, nourishing meals, recreational events, insurance advocacy, sibling programs and much more! Chai Lifeline is available in both U.S and Canada.


Jessie Rees Foundation Memory Canvas:



The Jessie Rees Foundation creates free custom canvases for families in the U.S. who have lost a child to cancer (under 18 years of age).  The canvases document special and memorable words to describe their child and the memories shared together.


Speaking Grief:


Speaking Grief  is a U.S. based national public media initiative which “includes a one-hour television documentary, media-rich website, social media campaign, and numerous community engagement events, all aimed at starting a national conversation about grief.

Moving away from the idea that grief is a problem that needs to be “fixed,” Speaking Grief validates the experience of grievers and guides those wishing to support them. There is no “right” way to grieve. By sharing diverse representations of bereavement, Speaking Grief illustrates that grief is a universal, yet individual experience.”

What’s Your Grief:





Canadian Virtual Hospice:



Heart House Hospice:





My Grief:



Bereaved Families of Ontario:



Weathering the Storm: Parenting Grieving Children – free online course:



Madeline’s Mission:


In the same way that a doula would help a mother through childbirth, Madeline’s Mission helps to serve as a navigational resource for parents, guardians, siblings and immediate families experiencing child loss.  Their website includes a comprehensive reading list: http://madelinemission.org/index.php/resources/


Finding Our Way Home: A family’s story of life, love, and loss 

Author: J Damon Dagnone



The Only Way Out is Through

Author: Dr. Gail Gross

Dr. Gross offers strategies for life’s transitions including coping with loss, drawing from dealing with the death of her own daughter.




My Sister in Heaven / My Brother in Heaven

Author: S. B. Goldstein


The series My Sister in Heaven / My Brother in Heaven are dedicated to children who have endured the loss of a sibling. The passing of her beloved daughter Ayelet, of ATRT, inspired the author S.B. Goldstein to write these books.  They were written to encourage open discussion within bereaved families and to bring families closer with a sense of comfort and strength.


Upopolis Island:


Upopolis Island offers free private online groups for youth (aged 10 to 18) who are navigating grief.

In Ontario, OPACC (Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer) is a Upopolis referral organization.  Click here to register through OPACC:



Rainbows for All Children – Guiding Kids Through Life’s Storms:



Rainbows for All Children is not-for-profit charitable organization that connects children with the support they need to navigate grief and heal from loss from a life-altering event.  Rainbows is available in over 16 countries.  Visit their main website for details.


Teenage Grief Sucks:


Teenage Grief Sucks (TGS) is a teen-run website that’s starting conversations about teenage grief. Run by Natalie Adams, who lost her dad when she started high school, TGS shares weekly stories about grief from the perspective of teens.


Camp Erin:


Camp Erin is the largest North American bereavement program for youth (ages 6 to 17) grieving the death of a significant person in their lives.  They offer day and weekend camps that combine traditional, fun camp activities with grief education and emotional support, free of charge for all families.  Camp Erin is offered in many locations across the U.S. and Canada.


Heart House Hospice:




Children and Youth Grief Network:



Grieving Children Canada:



National Alliance for Grieving Children:



Canadian Alliance for Grieving Children:





Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children: