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A brighter future for kids with brain cancers.

Giving Tuesday – Tali’s Fund 

Today is Giving Tuesday. As we enter the season of giving, we have a special gift for everyone today. Giving Tuesday is a day to think of others, to be generous in giving back, giving to charity, and helping those less fortunate. It’s a day when we are all encouraged to think of community, share with others, and help create a kinder, more hopeful world for everyone. This special day is a global generosity movement and always takes place on the Tuesday following what is known as “Black Friday”. 

This Giving Tuesday, Tali’s Fund is sharing a very special gift: a video of a beautiful song written by Jana Stanfield and performed by Kim Doron, Tali’s mom, called “I Wish You Strength”. The holiday season can be especially challenging for people who are struggling with illness, sadness, grief, anxiety, loneliness, and so many other issues that we as human beings face. It can be very difficult to see others feeling joyful and celebratory when we are dealing with what can seem like insurmountable problems that are often out of our control. Kim Doron and her loved ones know these challenges all too well. Who can imagine losing their precious daughter to a rare cancer at the age of four? Through their struggles and profound sorrow, Tali’s family has found a way to give hope to others. This year, that hope comes through music. “I Wish You Strength” is a gift of awareness, hope, and strength.

Tali’s Fund raises money for research targeting safe, effective treatments for children with rare brain cancers. Brain tumours are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children and adolescents under the age of 20, and yet there is still very little funding for research into this devastating disease. Tali’s Fund is here to spread awareness about childhood brain cancers, with the hope that other families may be spared the profound heartbreak that Tali’s parents, siblings,  and other family members experienced – a heartbreak that they must continue to live with as they remember their beloved little girl. It’s the memory of her spirit, her joy, and her loving-kindness and generosity that inspires us all every day. It is our hope that for Giving Tuesday, this will also inspire others to join us in spreading this awareness.

It is Kim’s hope and our hope at Tali’s Fund, that this beautiful song will come to you all as a warm embrace, to let you know that there is always someone who cares, there is always hope, and you are not alone.  

Please join us today, on Giving Tuesday.  Receive this special gift, and share it widely with all those you love.

And, if you are able, please give generously to help us continue our work in raising awareness and funding research for rare childhood brain cancers. May you all feel peace, comfort, and hope through this holiday season, and always. 

Watch ‘I Wish You Strength’, written by Jana Stanfield and performed by Kim Doron HERE.