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How to Help: Ideas for Fundraising to Support a Charity


Have you thought about ways to offer support to a charity? Fundraising is not just a noble act – it can be an adventure where you meet like-minded individuals eager to make a difference in the world.   

Charities count on the voluntary contributions of kind-hearted souls like you. By helping fundraisers, you can ignite your passion, make a meaningful impact in your local community, and raise awareness of issues close to your heart.   

Sometimes it can be tricky to find meaning in our day-to-day adventures. Fundraising gives you a sense of fulfillment, knowing you’re making a positive difference. So how can you support a charity? We’ve narrowed down our favourite ideas that can help not only Tali’s Fund but other foundations all around the globe.  

Involve the whole family  

Fundraising can be a bonding experience for the entire family. As a parent, you can teach your children how easy and exciting it is to be charitable. Whether selling their old toys at a garage sale, offering handcrafted jewelry or setting up a lemonade stand, there are plenty of ways to get your kids involved in giving back.   

Throw an event  

Another excellent way to help the charity of your choice is to organize a fundraising event. The best part is that even if someone isn’t personally invested in your cause, they can still enjoy the event and contribute to your fundraising efforts.  

There are many options for organizing a fundraiser. To make the event a success, you’ll need to have some funds, volunteers, and excellent organizational skills. A fun idea is to have a local food festival where participants can cook delicious meals and sell them to visitors. Another alternative is to contact local musicians who could play at your event.  

If you don’t have the necessary equipment or resources to hold a physical event, don’t worry! Virtual fundraising events can be just as good. Nowadays, there are many websites and tools that you can use to organize one.  

Participate with your business  

Charitable giving is not limited to writing a cheque – there are plenty of ways businesses can make a difference in their community. While monetary donations are the most common, companies can also donate their time, resources, and creativity to support worthy causes.  

Firstly – your team can always volunteer their energy by participating in a charity run or doing anything else that makes a direct impact. Launching a charity drive is also fantastic for businesses to make a difference. Whether collecting non-perishable food items for distribution at food banks or hosting a toy drive around the holidays, companies can rally their employees and customers around a worthy cause.  

If that seems too much work, you can do it the old-school way – leave out a collection jar at your workplace. Many businesses now choose to set up automatic donations.  

Leave a donation in your will  

More and more Canadiens are choosing to make a difference by including a charitable contribution in their will. The process is easy and can be done for free. 

With a donation of just 1% of your estate, you can make a significant contribution that will have a lasting impact. And the best part? You can do so without affecting the finances you need to support yourself and your family.  

End notes   

You can help a charity of your choice in several ways. Remember that every little bit counts. Even donating your time and energy can make a difference in raising awareness on important issues. To learn more about ways to help Tali’s Fund and our research targeting safe, effective treatments for children with rare brain cancers, click here.