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Predictions and Hopes for Brain Tumour Research Advances in 2016

Experts in the field of neuro-oncology make their predictions and state their hopes for 2016.  Quoted from the National Brain Tumor Society blog:

“In summation, these experts believe that this year we can:

Improve our understanding of brain tumors, particularly at a molecular level – which can lead to new insights about potential treatment strategies;

Transform the way brain tumors are classified, so that doctors can more accurately diagnose patients, which could help guide treatment decisions and predict patients’ response to therapies;

Continue to develop new, potentially more effective and less toxic treatments for patients via the area of targeted (precision) treatments and immunotherapies – many of these are already in clinical trials that will be moving ahead in 2016;

Take better stock of treating patients symptoms and quality of life during treatment and drug development; and

Further our understanding about possible inherited risk factors for developing gliomas.

All of these things are within our reach. And all would benefit the brain tumor community, present and future. They are also all the result of past dedication; hard work; and support from scientific researchers, clinicians, patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates, volunteers, and fundraisers/donors…”

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