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A Brain Tumour and Me” podcast: episode 6 International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) Interview with Denise Bebenek, Founder and President of Meagan’s Hug

Episode 6 of “A Brain Tumour and Me” podcast released

“A Brain Tumour and Me” podcast: episode 6 released

In the IBTA’s podcast, “A Brain Tumour and Me”, we bring you inspirational, moving and personal stories from the international brain tumour community as we meet some of those working in the field of neuro-oncology, the people who support patients and their families and those who’ve been told they have a brain tumour. We learn how brain tumours affected all of these people, often in unexpected ways.
In this latest episode of our podcast, we hear from Denise Bebenek, who lives in Toronto, Canada. How can a mother ever fully come to terms with the loss of their child? This is something which Denise faced when she and her family were given the devastating news that her four-year-old daughter Meagan had an inoperable brain tumour. Meagan eventually lost her life soon after her fifth birthday. In this episode, Denise talks to our reporter Graham Seaman about the effect of this tramautic event on her and her family, as well as the power of community. Her daughter’s brain tumour journey also inspired Denise to establish the not-for-profit Meagan’s Walk in 2001 – now known as Meagan’s Hug – which raises both awareness of paediatric brain tumour research and vital funds – as well as creating a Circle of Hope to support families affected by a brain tumour.

Denise Bebenek, Founder and President of Meagan’s Hug


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