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Online Support Groups

OPACC – Ontario Support Group:


OPACC (Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer) hosts weekly virtual meetings to support childhood cancer parents.

This is a great resource for any parent who needs support and would like to be surrounded by others who fully understand what they are going through.

To learn more about OPACC’s weekly meetings and to get the link, DM or email them at [email protected].


A Kids Brain Tumor Cure Foundation:



A great resource that lists several different online support groups. Some may not be available in both the US and Canada.


Smart Patients:



Smart Patients is an online community for patients and their families. It is a space to learn from other patients.  Members of this community share help, advice and information about how to care for their family.


Paediatric Brain Tumour Support Group Canada:



This is a Facebook support group where parents get support from other brain tumour patients, survivors, parents and caregivers. In this group, you are free to ask and answer questions from other members. The group is a private and reserved for the families dealing a paediatric brain tumour.


Facebook Groups and Organizations – specific to particular tumour types:











  • Pediatric Pineoblastoma:






  • DIPG Talk:





  • DIPG Research:



  • Practical Advice from Parents for Newly Diagnosed DIPG Families:

Practical Advice from Parents for Newly Diagnosed DIPG Families