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A brighter future for kids with brain cancers.

Practical Gifts and Gestures

What Others Can Do To Help:


5 Ways To Support Parents With Sick Children:



10 Ways To Support a Family With A Sick Kid In The Hospital:



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How To Support A Family Whose Child Is In Hospital:





From t-shirts to hoodies, ComfyCozys has everything you need to keep your child comfortable and stylish in a practical way, featuring access zippers and button closures fitted to chemotherapy ports. 




Navigating life with a chest port for chemotherapy access can be challenging. Zippaport offers customized t-shirts featuring port-access zippers to resolve this complication with style!


Give InKind:



“Whether you want to arrange for home-cooked meals, start a gift card train, or just learn more about how to support someone through their big circumstances, Give InKind brings together all of the tools that you need to support anyone, from anywhere — for free.” Give InKind is a website where you can create a profile or page with your story and information. You then can invite friends and family near you to your page, add requests or wish lists for certain items, provide updates, and much more.  Supporters can even create a Gift Card Train: https://www.giveinkind.com/articles/build-gift-card-train


Purchase options are currently U.S. based, but the company is working on expanding to Canadian merchants.


Meal Train:


Meal Train is a way to organize meals for families. Fill out an online application for a family member or friend, and enter the dates needed as well as dietary restrictions or preferences. There is also a potluck option as well as other ways to help such as groceries or housework.


Delivery of Healthy Foods – Examples:

Lasagna Love


Lasagna Love offers coordinated lasagna deliveries made fresh by local volunteer chefs for those who need a little extra help with dinner! Availability varies by area with volunteers located in both the U.S and Canada. 


Power Kitchen:



Power Kitchen is a meal service that delivers fresh meals for all diet types. They are restaurant quality meals with great reviews. They have an 8-week rotating menu so that the buyer has lots of variety.


Juice and Smoothie Delivery in Toronto:



Practical Gift Cards:


Practical gift cards can be a huge factor in reducing stress and anxiety for parents. The more general the gift card, the better. Many can be purchased online and sent by email.  Some ideas:



Chai Lifeline:





Chai Lifeline’s mission is to bring joy and hope to children, families and communities impacted by serious illness or loss.  They provide counselling, nourishing meals, recreational events, insurance advocacy, sibling programs and much more! Chai Lifeline is available in both U.S and Canada.


Send a Song:


Send a song to show you care.  Here are some links with song ideas: