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Treasuring Memories: Creative Ideas for Making Keepsakes from a Loved One’s Belongings


Going through a loved one’s death is heartbreaking. Amid all the emotional hardship, you also have to figure out what to do with the person’s belongings. Their possessions might have an emotional value, but practically, it may not always be possible to keep them. A good solution that will keep the memories alive is to repurpose their belongings into something meaningful and useful.

In this article, we’ve combined ideas for creating a lasting keepsake.

Why should you repurpose your loved one’s personal belongings?

When you have to go through your loved one’s possessions, you’ll often be left with things that you don’t know how to put to use. Still, it seems wrong to sell or donate these items, but you don’t want to keep them as they were. In this case, repurposing or memorializing your loved one’s things can be an excellent option.

Not only is it a great way to take care of the issue practically, but it also gives you comfort and helps in the healing process. Even if your family member or friend isn’t here anymore, you can still honour their memory. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

A memory pillow or quilt

Over the last few years, memory pillows have become increasingly popular. The idea is simple but beautiful. If you’re left with your loved one’s fabrics (like shirts and sweaters), you can turn them into a pillow. This particular option will be a wonderful choice for children. After they’ve lost a loved one, it might comfort them to have something to hug.

Similarly, you can also make a quilt, which consists of your loved one’s shirts and other fabrics stitched together. Some prefer to use it as a blanket, others – to display it as an art piece.


Your loved one’s jewelry can be melted down and remade into new pieces. The same goes for beautiful teaspoon sets and other valuable items. All you have to do is find a good artist who can turn your loved one’s possessions into something beautiful that you can share with your friends or family members.

A stuffed animal

Another creative way to repurpose the deceased’s clothing is to create teddy bears or other stuffed animals. What’s great about old fabrics is the fact they get softer as they age. If you take your loved one’s clothes and turn them into a stuffed animal, you’ll always have something to snuggle with.

A holiday ornament

Holidays – after you’ve lost a special someone – can be painful. This is a beautiful idea that will help you cherish the memories you share. If you have jewelry or clothing, they can be easily transformed into stunning holiday ornaments. Take the fabrics and cut and sew them into festive shapes with little effort.

End notes

When someone special dies, the things left behind often serve as a treasured connection to them. In the first moment, getting rid of all the possessions can seem like the quickest way to end the pain. That may be true, but after time has passed, you might regret this decision.

However, by repurposing your loved one’s belongings, you can keep their memory alive and give yourself and others well-needed comfort.